To Ray’s Tire and Service
This letter will serve to tell you about the excellent service I receive at your facility. I brought my new car in to upgrade the tires. Everyone I came in contact with was, as always, friendly and professional. The technicians not only torqued my wheels properly, but torqued the TPMS monitors and the valve stem inserts using the correct tools and specifications. Great care in the handling of every component was noted and appreciated. Prior experience with your alignment technician regarding the practical resolution of a new car warranty problem provided valuable advice that resolved the issue I was having completely.
Keep up the good work!
Yours truly,
John T.
St. Augustine, Fl
-John T.

To the Employees at Ray’s,

Thank You and your co-workers for the outstanding job that was done to replace the faulty tires on both my Honda and my Acura. It’s refreshing to know that at Ray’s Goodyear “satisfaction guaranteed” is not a cliché, but a commitment!! I look forward to a long mutually beneficial relationship with Ray’s Goodyear.

Michael G.
St. Augustine, Fl

-Michael G.

To Ray’s Tire St. Augustine, Fl:

You can tell the folks at Goodyear they should pay you to carry their name! Thanks for everything.

Wayne S.
Tampa, Fl

-Wayne S.

To the Ray’s Gang,

We just wanted to Thank you all for always treating us so good. Your Service is excellent and your staff treats us above what normal standards of fair business are. We appreciate how you treat our cars as if you were servicing your own. All of you there are Great and we pray God blesses your business & you personally.

Thanks Again,
Tessa & Parker
St. Augustine, Fl

-Tessa & Parker

To Ray’s Tire,

Three days into a Florida vacation a coil spring in our car’s suspension system snapped, shredding a tire and leaving my wife and I stranded far from home. Fortunately for us, the incident occurred within sight of Ray’s Tire and Service, a St. Augustine Goodyear Dealership. The repair of our car required parts to be shipped in from Delaware. Cameron Baker, Ray’s General Manager, got on the phone and shopped rental car rates for us, then drove me to the rental agency to pick one up. This enabled us to continue our trip with minimal interruption. Ray’s kept us apprised of the status of our car by phone and we returned to a well repaired car at a reasonable price. Everyone at Ray’s Went out of their way to help us and ensure that our trip could continue without being unduly marred. St. Augustine is FORTUNATE to have a company such as Ray’s Tire and Service and You should be proud to have them representing Goodyear.

Ronald O.
Charlotte, NC

-Ronald O.

To the Good People at Ray’s Goodyear,

A few weeks ago our family had 2 minor emergencies, but thanks to your efforts our week ended on a good note. First, we came in for a brake job, balance, and oil change, we had hoped to get there early enough to secure a loaner car for the day, but after our sick daughter slept in half the morning the idea seemed hopeless! Luckily Ray’s Sensed my dispair over spending hours in the shop with an ill toddler, they stepped up and found me a car relieving us from one long hard day. Then only days later, our little girl accidentally put our 4-wheel drive into a range improperly and it would not go back into 4wd. It seemed our transmission or transfer case, or something might be completely shot, my husband was on the verge of freaking out with dissapointment over losing a function of his new truck. Desperate to give him some hope, I called after 1:30 on a Saturday, but luckily, the woman who was still there chased down Mike before he retired for the weekend, and he took enough time to talk me through an effective method to fix the problem.

Thank you,
St. Augustine, Fl


To Everyone at Ray’s,

Thank you simply doesn’t seem adequate for your kindness. I’ve always known that having Ray’s as my mechanics was a blessing, but now I am certain of it. I pray that now and always you’d be blessed – exceedingly and abundantly beyond what you can imagine. You are amazing – Thank you. See you in a week.
 “I thank my God upon every remembrance of you.” Philippians 1:3

St. Augustine, Fl


Ray’s Tire and Service,

My recent experience at your store was a true example of why you are voted as Number 1 in St. Augustine. I had bought a set of tires from you in November and had return to get them balanced as they “bounced” if I got up to 68 mph. The balancing did not work and with no hassle whatsoever, three of the tires were replaced.

I was totally prepared to talk to the manager or owner to get my problem resolved and was very pleased that I did not have to do that. I originally bought the tires from you because my late husband always bought our tires there. This experience only validated what he thought about your service.
Thank you for the excellent Service. Please pass my appreciation on to you employees.

St. Augustine, Fl


To the Employee’s at Ray’s Tire & Service,

I would like to say a special Thanks to all the employees at Ray’s Tire for being so helpful to me in my times of need. Everyone there is so helpful whether it is for auto repair’s, tires, or just to answer questions. Your are all tops, but I would like to say a special thanks to Michael for all his kindness from overseeing my van repairs to providing me with a car to drive when I badly needed one. May god bless each and everyone of you for all your help and kindness.

My Sincerest Thanks,
St. Augustine, Fl


To Ray’s Tire,

Just a little note to let you know that we appreciate your kindness towards us and the expertise and care towards our cars. It is so comforting to deal with someone we trust.

Thank you,
Jenny & Larry
St. Augustine, Fl

-Jenny & Larry

To Everyone at Ray’s,
You guys are like a family to me. I’m very happy to have Ray’s Tire and Service as a part of my life. I wish all you the best.

Thanks for Everything,
St. Augustine, Fl


Thank You Ray’s,

I just wanted to Thank you for you fast and courteous service recently on my 99 Tahoe. I have just moved to St. Augustine and am glad to have found my new auto repair providers.

Thanks Again,
St. Augustine, Fl


To all Employees of Ray’s Tire and Service,

Words cannot express our appreciation for the help all of you gave us on July seventh. While heading to Daytona for our annual family vacation our car started having engine misfires. We had just had a tune-up done in anticipation of our trip so we called our local service company and were referred to your company as we had no idea where to go for help. Even though it was getting close to closing time your employees told us to come by and fixed our car. The problem we had was caused by an error in the original tune-up and was covered under warranty. Your employee even took the time to call and get paid for your work so that we did not have to.

The service we received was exceptional and will never be forgotten. We were stuck with two teenagers and two small twins. You made what was a very upsetting situation into something better and reminded us there are still people out there willing to help others.

Thank You again,
Robert & Wendy
Fleming, GA

-Robert & Wendy

To Ray’s Tire Ownership,

Several years ago we were referred to your business by a friend who had high praise for your Service Manager, Michael Butterfield.

On the occasions that my wife and I needed any type of work on our two cars we have them brought to your business. Thankfully we don’t have to have a lot of repairs but I cannot imagine us going to see someone other than Michael. He has always presented himself in a very professional manner and looks out for what is best for the customer. I’m sure you know it is rare indeed to do business with someone like that today.

Recently I brought my Mercury Capri XR2. The Headlights were not working properly, the horn did not work, and there were several other small items that needed attention.

Michael obviously did some real research in trying to find some needed parts. I didn’t tell him that there were less than 3,000 made and all of them were made in Australia. He called and let me know that my car was made in Australia and that because so few of them were made there was not an after market part that was needed for the lights. Ford was the only place to get the part and it was going to cost a total of around $400. Despite the cost, I told him to go ahead.

Before replacing the part, Michael took it upon himself to disassemble the old part and see if he could fix it himself. The lights now work perfectly. Not stopping there, he did the same with the part for the horn. The horn now works perfectly as well.